Mercedes-Benz SUV?

Mercedes-Benz SUV

High Performance and Luxury

OK, so I’ve been looking into getting a Mercedes-Benz for a while. I considered BMW for a while but they don’t seem to have that “luxury” feeling that Mercedes has…that is just me though. but I’m looking into getting an SUV though. I was looking into the GL-Class and the ML-Class. the GL-Class looks a crap load better but is it “better”? I have no idea. no my maximum budget is 60k. so I’m hoping that will be enough to get some extra good features. but do you also know of another good car brand that makes good luxury suv’s that are actually “worth it”?

As an owner and driver of Mercedes vehicles for the past thirty years I have come to some pretty lucid conclusions about the Make and its various models. First of all there are Mercedes made in Germany, and Mercedes made in the US. The ML and GL are the US made models.Fit, finish, reliability, and features seem to be lacking on the US made models. The best cars are the ones made in Germany and especially the ones that AMG or Brabbus have modified.

If your budget is 60 k you may be very limited in what you can find at the dealership. However, my personal recommendation would be an E or S class sedan. They handle better than the SUV’s are faster, get better mileage and as far as I am concerned look a lot better.

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