Another satisfied customer. Mr. & Mrs. Foreman

Annette Holman-Foreman,  Tyrone Foreman

 New Owners of a Mercedes-Benz C300 4matic


If you are looking on line before you shop you are being very wise. There is so much information available to the consumer today. I feel like my customers are given a since of empowerment by shopping product and price on line before they make their first visit to the dealership.

That is exactly what Annette, and Tyrone did before we met this week. When I called them after receiving their inquiry; we set the appointment. Annette and Tyrone came in on a Friday evening to test drive a C300. I allowed them to spend some additional time in the vehicle in order to really get a feel for it. When they came back from the test drive they were sold on the car and wanted to talk more about color combinations.

We walked through the show room and there it sat…..the perfect C300 4matic, white with tan interior. THEY FELL IN LOVE! We finalized the numbers and the rest as they say is history!

C300 4matic

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Foreman, I really appreciate your business!

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